Is My Privacy Respected?

Yes. At Varmala we take privacy very seriously for every member on our site. We will never give your details to any other members both on and off the site. We will never use your personal details for any purpose without first asking for your permission, as well as explaining the reason as to why we require your information.

Do You Censor Content on Your Site?

As a rule, we do not censor the content of our site. Our job is not to police our members. However, we do reserve the right to delete, hide or modify profiles that are deemed unacceptable. As well as a number of other reasons we reserve the right to delete or modify profiles that comply with the following:

  • Contain private contact information such as email or Skype addresses, Telephone numbers or addresses
  • Are illegal, for example being under the age of 18
  • Are in any way racist, or attack other groups or religions

What Is A Match and How Do Matches Work?

A match is another person’s profile who meets the criteria that you have set out. We make use of innovative analysis technology in order to perform two-way matches. This means that a person will only appear in your match list if your profile meets the criteria that they have set out when creating their profile.

Do I have To Pay To Set Up A Profile?

No, you are not required to pay in order to set up a profile. To set up a profile you can simply become a free member. You are only required to pay for your membership if you become a subscriber through either our Gold or Diamond plans. These plans provide you with access to additional features such as Kundli Matching.